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What Are The Benefits Of Using An Airport Hotel?

Benefits of Airport Hotels

Dear Essential Travel,
I'm going on holiday in February and can't wait! But there is one small problem with my journey to Greece: I live in Reading and have a flight out of Gatwick Airport at seven forty five in the morning. For me to get there two hours early, I'm going to have to leave my house at around three. I've been tinkering with the idea of staying at an airport hotel, but don't really know if it's worth spending the money on top of the cost of driving down. What are the benefits of staying at one and is the juice worth the squeeze? Agnes March, Reading replies:

Hi there Agnes,

Thanks for your question.

While staying at an airport hotel is an extra expense, it makes for a hassle free stay; unlike the drama that is making it to the airport for that early flight. By checking into an airport hotel the day before you travel, you'll be covering a couple of major areas of travel that cause people endless stress.

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Benefits Of Airport Hotels

Convenient location and fresh start

If you have an early morning departure or a long drive to the airport, staying at an airport hotel eliminates the stress of having to wake up too early in the morning - something no-one should have to do when leaving for a relaxing holiday. This is a huge help for parents who are taking their kids on holiday - you won't have to mobilise your little ones at three in the morning, when they're tired, grumpy and uncooperative. The two hours you'd spend getting ready and driving to the airport could be better spent dreaming about the Greek sunset and waking up at a reasonable time.

If you're due to travel during the morning rush hour, you need to factor the inevitable delays and extra time into your journey. By staying in an airport hotel the night before you fly, you get to avoid the stress of rushing to get to departures on time. Even if your hotel isn't within walking distance of the terminal, transfers to the airport are either prearranged, scheduled through the hotel or available on request. Your shuttle will have you there in minutes, so there's no risk of getting stuck in morning traffic.

Rather than arriving at the airport feeling ratty and stressed, you will have enjoyed a good night's sleep and will be ready to enjoy yourself. For special occasions, when you're travelling to a business function, a special wedding or to an event, the extra hours of rest will go a long way to improving your overall experience.

Often Cheaper Than Parking Alone?

It's hard to believe, but booking an airport hotel with parking can work out cheaper than paying for official parking at the airport on its own. It's one of the best money saving features of airport hotels, so keep your eyes peeled for bargains out there. All of the hotels that offer parking do so with full confidence in the security of your vehicle - you can expect a high level of security.

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What To Consider When Booking

Our improved airport hotel booking system allows you to fine tune your search to find the hotel that matches your preferences for:

Distance from airport - Choose from an airport hotel that is practically inside the terminal, or something a little bit further away, for a more country-feel.

Star Rating/Price Range - Airport hotels range from two star budget facilities with few amenities, going all the way through to luxury, five star accommodation.

Lowest Price Guarantee - Get the best deals available anywhere on the net. If you can find the same room for a cheaper price elsewhere, we'll cover your stay ourselves.

To answer your question, yes it is worthwhile booking an airport hotel. This hassle-free service will give you plenty of time to enjoy the more pleasurable aspects of travel at your leisure, such as a glass of freshly squeezed juice with breakfast before departure.

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Last Updated: January 2012