What's an Airport Access Fee?

Paying the Airport Access Fee

Dear Essential Travel

I came across the term ‘airport access fee’ upon returning from my most recent trip abroad. It’s unclear to me what it's for and why I had to pay for it with my meet and greet service now when it was never included previously. Is this something new?

Ria Patel, London

Dear Ria

Thank you for your question. Yes, it is relatively new.

An airport access fee is a payment made by Meet and Greet companies to the airport's management for allowing them to operate their services there. Meet and Greet services charge this access fee for the return and collection of travellers' vehicles on the airport grounds. Some Meet and Greet services include the fee in the main total of your bill while others may refer to it as an additional charge.

Airport access fees may vary because airports abide by different terms and conditions and not all airports have implemented them just yet. Meet and Greet Parking operating at Heathrow Airport charge £5.60 for both the collection and return of the car and just £2.80 for car collection only.

We hope that you find this information helpful. Happy travelling!

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Last Updated: September 2012

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