24 Hours In Melbourne

24 Hours In Melbourne

Melbourne is the hub of the metropolis in Port Phillip, Victoria. The Australian city is often ranked among the best places to live in and when you consider the standard of education and healthcare then this comes as no surprise. Also famous for its classified coffee spots, nighttime skyline and clear blue beaches, the city truly comes alive when its art, music and culture mix. A Melbournite will often greet you on the street and happily introduce you to the sights, turning any trip to Melbourne into a roller coaster ride of thrills and flavours.

Hot Air Ballooning Flights

Balloon Flights Over Melbourne are one of the most experienced and professional hot air balloon companies in the city, operating for more than ten years. They have some of the best launch sites, providing you with the most beautiful views of Melbourne. The city is an ever changing palette of colours going from a soft yellow to bright orange as the sun rises over the city in the morning - when Balloon Flights Over Melbourne prefers to fly.

Hot air balloon flights over MelbourneEnjoy a hot air balloon flight over Melbourne

Breakfast At Collins Kitchen

Collins Kitchen is in the heart of Melbourne central and named after its prestigious location on Collins Street. You can enjoy the champagne breakfast, which is included in your Balloon Flight ticket. The open style kitchen gives the restaurant a feeling of homeliness and provides a welcoming atmosphere.

Breakfast At Collins KitchenHave breakfast at Collins Kitchen

Street Art Walking Tour

Melbourne Street Art Tours is run by the very people whose paintings you'll be looking at - the street artists. Since they have local knowledge of all the best street art, you will receive an insight into the political and social messages the artists are displaying through their art as well as the technical aspects of spray painting, stencil-art and paste ups. At the end of the tour you will get the opportunity to explore Blender Studios, famous for its mixed collection of street art from world-class artists who are given the opportunity to portray their philosophies and beliefs through their work.

Street art walking tourTake a street art walking tour. Image Courtesy of Josh Downes

Luna Park

Luna Park is an amusement park in Melbourne's historic neighbourhood of St Kilda. The amusement park is famous for its giant haunting face of Mr Moons mouth, which everyone has to walk through to enter. The most famous of the park’s attractions is its Scenic Railway Roller Coaster, a large wooden coaster that jets around the outside of the park at high speeds. It is one of the oldest wooden roller-coasters in operation. Luna Park has a free entrance policy for the whole family to enjoy and you only need to pay for rides.

Luna ParkVisit Luna Park. Image Courtesy of Josh Downes
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Lunch At Proud Mary

Proud Mary is one of the best coffee and lunch break locations in Melbourne. The staff have built firm relationships with their customers who continue to visit day after day. The owner has sourced coffee from all the top coffee regions around the globe and the lunchtime menu consists of soups, light salads, crisp pork belly and slow roasted lamb sandwiches.

Pround MaryHave lunch at Proud Mary

Carlton And United Brewery Tour

Carlton and United Brewery is the country's largest brewery, dating all the way back to 1907. This tour gives you the opportunity to go behind the scenes and watch how they produce a million litres of beer a day and bottle 1000 stubbies a minute. You also get an insight into the history and tradition of beer brewing in Australia, the art of brewing, and a bird's eye view of the plant's state-of-the-art technology. Of course a brewery tour wouldn't be complete without some complimentary ice cold beer afterwards. You can even try your luck at beer trivia. Tours run Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays), selected Saturday afternoons and Wednesday evening tours are also available.

Carlton And United Brewery TourTake a Carlton and United Brewery Tour

Eureka Skydeck

Located on the Southern Banks of the Yarra River is the 297.3m tall Eureka Skydeck, the tallest residential building in the Southern Hemisphere. Eureka is perfectly positioned for 360 degree floor to ceiling views encompassing Melbourne’s CBD, sports precinct and Port Phillip Bay. On level one there is a serendipity table where guests can discover interesting facts about Melbourne through an interactive multimedia experience. On level 88 you'll find “The Edge”, which gives thrill-seekers the opportunity to step into a glass cube protruding three metres out of the building. You'll be provided with great views of the city, but you'll also see the steep drop to the bottom.

Eureka SkydeckVisit Eureka Skydeck


It's time to get your comfortable shoes on and take a stroll on Melbourne's boardwalk, which houses a number of popular Australian clothing brands such as Billabong, Cotton On, Trenery and Country Road. The City Circle Tram will take you around the city for free and you can jump on and off as you please. If you want to shop until you drop, then Bourke street should be next on your agenda. It has two blocks of clothing shops and a number of mini malls. In the suburb of Fitzroy you'll find the more retro scene of Melbourne. There are also a number of great pubs in the area to grab a bite to eat and a drink.

Shopping on Bourke StreetShopping on Bourke Street
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Dinner At Little Creatures Dining Hall

The Little Creatures Dining Hall has the full package - good food and some of Australia’s finest beer. Their most iconic beer is the Little Creatures Pale Ale, full of hops and flavour brewed right in the restaurant. As for the food, their pizzas are as legendary as their beer. If you're looking for a dish a little closer to home, then trying the fish and chips would be a good bet as it comes highly recommended.

Little Creatures Dining HallHave a meal at Little Creatures Dining Hall. Image Courtesy of Josh Downes

Federation Square

Federation Square hosts some of the biggest events and cultural attractions in Melbourne. And where there are world-class events, there are world-class restaurants, bars and stores. At night you can take a stroll through the square and see exhibitions, visit galleries and watch movies. The Australian Center For The Moving Image is where you can watch the classics of Australian cinema, explore the special exhibitions or create your own short film. It brings the world of the moving image to life with hands-on workshops, live panel forums, exhibitions and screenings, and is particularly special at night when the square is lit up.

Federation SquareFederation Square

Melbourne Cricket Ground

The month of September sees the final of the Australian Football League at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG). If you want a chance to see the matches, you'll have to book your tickets as soon as possible. The Melbourne Cricket Ground is more than just a cricket pitch, it has played host to Olympic ceremonies, soccer qualifying games, rugby matches and concerts. With 100,000 seats, there is plenty of space for anyone to watch whichever performances they enjoy.

Melbourne Cricket GroundsMelbourne Cricket Grounds
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Young And Jackson

Young and Jackson was one of Australia's most iconic hotels dating back as far as 1837. It has been refurbished to host a classic bar, restaurant and pub. Located on the corner of Swanston and Flinders Street, Young and Jackson is a popular place to meet up with friends, watch some sports on the big screens and enjoy a drink. If you want something a little more relaxed, then the first floor offers comfortable couches, fine wine and craft beer. There's even something for cider lovers; the rooftop has eight ciders on tap and an array of local and imported ciders in a bottle. If you get hungry, then you're in the perfect place because food is served on all of the floors.

Young and JacksonYoung and Jackson Pub

Crown Casino And Entertainment Complex

Crown Casino and Entertainment Complex is a large casino and entertainment venue located on the south bank of the Yarra River. The bold architectural framework, which lights up the Southbank, is the size of two city blocks making it the largest casino in the Southern Hemisphere. Whether it's shopping, eating or watching an event, the Crown Casino has it covered. Crown's free live entertainment features a range of talented performers to entertain you all night, whether you want to get up and dance or sit back and enjoy the music.

Crown CasinoCrown Casino and Entertainment Complex

Cherry Bar In AC/DC Lane

Cherry bar is located in AC/DC Lane, which was named after the popular Australian hard rock band. The bar has maintained the tradition of delivering great music and continues to showcase underground and renowned musical guests. It's especially popular late at night - when every other place shuts down, the hardcore party-goers come out and enjoy a night of pure rock 'n roll, which is certainly a memorable way to end your night.

Cherry BarCherry Bar

Berlin Bar

Berlin Bar brings East and West Germany together under one roof. It may sound strange to visit a German bar in Australia, but it's bound to be a memorable experience. Berlin Bar really honours Germany's war-torn history and even has a replica Berlin Wall to add to the effect. If you go up a few flights of stairs you'll find the lane-way bar - it's only accessible via a locked door and the bartenders have to buzz you in, but the extra effort is worth it if you're looking for an industrial, warehouse vibe. Cocktails are their specialty, but you'll find a variety of wine and beers on the menu too.

Berlin BarExperience Berlin Bar

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