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Morocco's imperial city has been shaped by a medieval history and strong traditional ties dating back many centuries. From the lively, bustling atmosphere of the markets, to the hospitality of the people, Marrakech certainly is a must-see destination.

How To Go Glamping

Go glamping in Autumn

Essential Travel shows you how to make the most out of Autumn by going Glamping - glamorous camping - to enjoy unspoiled nature with modern comforts.

How To Be A Street Photographer

How To Be A Street Photographer

Photography can be half the fun of travelling. Essential Travel reveals how to get a perfect collection of travel photos using street photography.

Top 10 Travel Gifts

Top 10 Travel Gifts

Buying a gift is difficult, but buying a gift for a traveller can be even more challenging. Here are some ideas for gifts every traveller would love.

Top 10 Restaurants Worth A Trip

Top 10 Restaurants Worth A Trip

Essential Travel brings you the best in destination dining. This list of idyllic restaurants will make foodies and adventurers alike pack their bags.

Essential Travel answers your questions on hiring a car for your next trip, including how to book a car, fueling options and return procedures.

We review the Finn travel wallet which is ideal for travelling as it can hold your passport, money, card and coins and fit neatly in your pocket.

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