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Ecotourism is about enjoying the world we live in responsibly so future generations can do the same. 'Sustainability' is something of a buzzword, but it underpins the ecotourism ethos and stresses the importance of thinking ahead. We've made a list of the best places to travel with a clear conscience.

Top 10 International Cycle Tours

International cycle tours

Here are our top-10 cycle routes from the very tip of Africa to the bridges of Venice.

Top 10 - World's Best Diving Spots

Top diving spots

Whether you want to plunge into the deep blue with whales in Rurutu, night dive in Malaysia or snorkel over a wreck in Australia, Essential Travel knows the top diving spots across the world...

Top 10 UK Coastal Towns

Top 10 UK Coastal Towns

There's no better place to enjoy the British scenery than by the coast. So we've decided to countdown the top 10 coastal towns in the UK.

Top 10 British Beaches

Top 10 British Beaches

You don't have to leave the country to enjoy sandy beaches, water sports, coastal wildlife and seaside fun this summer.

Which is the best country for a backpacking trip? Here are our top 10.

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