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Collision Damage Waiver Insurance

CDW - Collision Damage Waiver

You quite often have to 'top up' your CDW insurance to make sure you are covered for all eventualities. With Essential Travel you don't have to. All you have to do is purchase our Car Hire Excess Insurance and you will be covered for:

  • Tyres, windscreen and the under body of your vehicle.
  • Theft, loss or damage to the vehicle that you hire up to £4,000 per incident / £5,000 per car rental agreement.
  • Annual Car Hire Excess Insurance polices are a great way to save money and will cover you for up to 60 continuous days.
  • Daily Car Hire Excess Insurance polices will cover you for up to 60 continuous days.

More On Collision Damage Waiver Insurance

Collision Damage won't cover you for any damage to the windscreen, tyres, roof or under body of your car; it also won't include any damage caused by fire, vandalism or theft. These are all areas easily damaged in even a minor accident and repair costs may be high. We feel these are pretty important aspects of your car, after all is a car even a car if it doesn't have wheels, a roof, a windscreen or an under body? Our Gold policy includes Loss Damage Waiver which is a more comprehensive form of cover and covers ALL parts of your vehicle should anything happen to it including damage caused by fire, theft or vandalism.

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