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USA Car Rental Insurance

From only £27.93 per week

  • Up to 60 days continual cover
  • Covers theft, loss & damage up to £4,000 per incident
  • Insurance cover for USA

We recommend you book car hire excess insurance Cover if you are planning on renting a hire car in the USA or Canada. The insurance provided by your car rental company is often inadequate and will not cover you for a wide range of potential incidents.

Why You Need Car Hire Excess Cover

We all know the Americans like things big- big Mac's, big medical bills and especially big car hire excesses. You wouldn't dream of travelling to The States without proper travel insurance cover so don't think of travelling without adequate Car Hire Excess Insurance Cover or you could find yourself landed with a huge, unwanted bill. Excess Insurance cover is so important even if you are not in the wrong. If another car hits you and causes damage to your car you will still have to pay the excess even though the damage was not your fault.

When choosing a car hire excess insurance policy make sure it has (LDW) Loss Damage Waiver Insurance. Our Worldwide Car Hire Excess Insurance includes LDW up to $4,000 and also includes:

  • Any damage to your tyres, windscreen or under body of your vehicle.
  • Theft, loss or damage to the vehicle that you hire up to £4,000 per incident / £5,000 per car rental agreement.
  • Annual Car Hire Excess Insurance polices are a great way to save money and will cover you for up to 60 continuous days.
  • Daily Car Hire Excess Insurance polices will cover you for up to 60 continuous days.

Familiar With Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)?

Most people are familiar with Collision Damage Waiver and most car entail companies will offer CDW cover but you should be aware that CDW will often not extend to covering any damage to your car windscreen, tyres, under body of your car, theft, vandalism or fire to your rental car. What we offer is Loss Damage Waiver Cover which covers everything CDW covers and more.

Loss Damage Waiver (LDW)

Loss Damage Waiver will refund any excesses you have paid if your vehicle suffers any physical damage or loss such as theft, fire damage or vandalism. It is a superior form of Collision Damage Waiver cover.

USA Car Hire Insurance

If you are travelling to the USA and want to ensure you and your family have the best USA Car Rental Insurance then please take 15 seconds to fill in the quote form above. You can choose between daily polices or annual polices which will save you a lot of money over the course of the year.