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Car Hire Mexico

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Car Hire Mexico
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Cheap Car Hire in Mexico

Quick Facts

  • You'll be driving on the right side of the road.
  • Please keep your drivers license, passport and photo ID on you at all times.
  • Speed limits range from 25kph in small towns to 100kph on motorways.
    • About Mexico

      Mexico is one of the most popular tourist destinations on earth, receiving over 20 million foreign visitors from year to year. Tourists flock to Mexico to experience its beautiful beaches and steep themselves in the country's rich cultural heritage. In Mexico, you can do anything; from visiting an ancient Mayan village site to drinking fine tequila in the local bars. Go hiking in the mountains and enjoy authentic Mexican cuisine at the many cantinas located around the smaller towns. And once you're done soaking up the sun, party til dawn in Cancun.

      Driving in Mexico

      Your first stop in Mexico should be to pick up a map. Much of Mexico is covered by modern "Cuota" toll roads, most of which are privately owned. The toll roads are usually much faster than the free "Libre" roads. If you aren't fluent in Spanish, or have never driven in Mexico before, we advise you to drive on the toll roads.
      Unfortunately, using toll roads in Mexico can be quite expensive. The average tolls range from about 25 to 150 Mexican pesos for passenger cars, depending on the section of highway. If you are planning on making a long drive using toll roads, make sure you have plenty of Mexican pesos with you. Credit cards are NOT usually accepted on the roads, though they might be accepted in some heavily-touristed areas, like Highway 180 in Yucatan.

      However, for the price you pay to use these toll roads, you may not get what you expect. A lot of the smaller roads need to be resurfaced and should you drive at or under the speed limit, you could seriously damage your car. It's a good idea to travel under the speed limit if you'll be heading out on the more 'rustic' roads.

      Expect checkpoints along most major and some minor roads. They are operated by the Mexican military. You will be asked for your drivers licence and insurance information, so please make sure you have it readily available. Your vehicle will be searched, with varying degrees depending upon your attitude and your load. They are looking for drugs or weapons, which you should not have with you.


      Generally, we advise against driving at night. The roads are particularly unpredictable due to the amount of pedestrian traffic created by churchgoers or even the occasional person who has fallen asleep on the warm road. Some Mexicans even drive without using their lights and driving under the influence is not uncommon, especially at night.
      Driving on a toll road, or cuota, is considerably safer than on "libre" roads but can still be hazardous as the majority of roads are usually unlit. Also, be cautious of pedestrians and bicyclists at all times.

      Do not stop for motorists with 'broken down' vehicles because this is a common trap set by bandits who want to steal your cash and valuables.