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Car Hire Lebanon

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Car Hire Lebanon
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Cheap Car Hire in Lebanon

Quick Facts

  • You'll be driving on the right side of the road.
  • Minimum driving age is 18 and you MUST have an international license.
  • You must keep your passport, license and photo ID on your persons at all times.
  • Speed limits range from 50kph in towns to 100kph on motorways.

About Lebanon

Lebanon is a great destination for any traveller who is keen to soak up history and culture during the day, but party until dawn at night.

Besides the country's many Roman ruins and ancient places of worship, the city of Lebanon boasts a club scene that surpasses any other international destination, and was even rated as the Number One Tourist Destination by the New York Times in 2009.

However, if you're looking for a more sporty Lebanese experience, you can visit one of the numerous ski resorts or even hike up the Lebanese Mountain Trail.

The more adventurous traveller should try 'caving'. If you don't mind small spaces and a little bit of exercise, take the opportunity to explore on of Lebanon's many caves. Just don't do it alone.

Driving in Lebanon

Driving in Lebanon is not for the faint-hearted. Lebanese drivers are infamous for their lack of caution on the road. Roads are also not well maintained, even in the non-war ravaged areas. Be aware of pot holes. It is recommended that you hire a local driver if you want to travel to the busier parts of the city, or drive through the mountain trails.


As previously mentioned, driving in Lebanon can be hazardous if you don't exercise extreme caution on the road. Impatient drivers and poorly maintained roads are just some of the dangers you will face on the while travelling by car, so utilize common sense and drive carefully.

Other Important Information

Since 2008, after the election of a new president, the Lebanese political situation has been stable, and travellers have returned. Most Lebanese are welcoming and hospitable, and it's rare that tourists have unpleasant experiences with the locals. However, always follow the independent press to be aware of any rising tensions with neighboring Israel. However, most attacks are confined to South Lebanon.

It is preferable to be accompanied when visiting certain locations, as it would be in any country. For obvious reasons avoid the Israeli and Palestinian borders, as well as any refugee camps.

Now that the political climate is stable, don't hesitate to visit this exciting country. By exercising general common sense and communicating with your embassy, you're to have a safe and unforgettable trip.