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Car Hire Ireland

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Car Hire Ireland
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Cheap Car Hire in Ireland

Quick Facts

  • In Ireland, you'll be driving on the left side of the road.
  • If you have a valid UK driving license, the minimum age for driving a car is 17
  • Please make sure you have your drivers license and a photo ID on your person when you are driving.
  • Speed limits are dependant on the road you're travelling, but usually range from 60-100kph.

About Ireland

If you're a hiker, a bar-hopper or hopeless romantic; (or even all three!) Ireland is the place for you. Travel to the land of the leprechauns and explore quaint county villages or party up a storm at a rowdy pub in the city. Visit the beautifully restored Blarney castle and wander through its mystical gardens or gallop through the romantic countryside on a prizewinning mare. All that matters is following wherever the spirit of Ireland takes you!

Driving In Ireland

Traffic and road regulations in the Republic of Ireland are similar to those in Great Britain.It's illegal to talk on a mobile phone whilst driving, and children under 12 are not permitted to ride in the front seat of a vehicle.

Make sure you're fully aware of all parking regulations, as violation of these will result in VERY hefty fines, especially in the city of Dublin. Speeding is not tolerated, and the roads are full of sensors and radar traps. It's also illegal to use horns between 2330 hours and 0700 hours.


It is important to use dipped headlights while driving during low visibility. A warning triangle is recommended but not mandatory.

Other Important Information

Drinking and driving is a VERY serious offence in Ireland. DUI laws are strictly enforced, and being over the 80mg blood level limit will result in you being arrested. Nobody wants to spend a night of their vacation in jail, so please drink responsibly.