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Car Hire Reykjavik

Are you searching for cheap car hire in Reykjavik? Easily compare prices from several car hire suppliers with pickup spots located throughout the city.

Car Hire Reykjavik
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Cheap Car Hire in Reykjavik

Reykjavík is not only car-friendly; Iceland's capital boasts more cars per capita than any other city in the world. Since Reykjavík's airport is located almost an hour away from the city, a hire car in Reykjavik is truly the best way to explore all the world's northernmost capital and Iceland's beautiful countryside have to offer.

Keflavík International Airport, Iceland's main international airport, is located 50kms outside of Reykjavík and offers direct flights to many European and North American cities. Most car hire companies use the airport as their main pick-up site. Booking in advance is the best way not only to find cheap car hire in Reykjavik, but also to avoid frantic last minute deals at the airport.

After picking up your hire car in Reykjavik, exploring the city is a breeze since it's much easier to find a parking place in Reykjavik than in most major European cities. Majestic Mount Esja and the sparking Snaefellsjokull glacier surround this 'European City of Culture', which has become famous for its vibrant nightlife and stunning scenery.

Car hire in Reykjavik makes it easy to enjoy a fascinating fishing trip or whale watching expedition at nearby Reykjavik Harbour. The city's famous club scene sometimes doesn't begin until well after midnight thanks to Iceland's long winter nights, while Reykjavik's restaurants offer everything from international cuisine to traditional Icelandic dishes such as reindeer and shark meat.

Your hire car in Reykjavik can also take you to pristine Pingvellir National Park, located about an hour and 15-minute drive from the city. This UNESCO World Heritage site was the former home of Iceland's original parliament and remains the current home to a spectacular canyon formed by the separation of the Eurasian and North American plates. Other popular daytrips include the massive waterfall of Gullfoss, as well as the geothermal resorts of Árbæjarlaug and Blue Lagoon.

Despite Iceland's name and northern location, the country is usually no colder than New York City during the winter thanks to the Gulf Stream's warm waters. Reykjavik averages 213 rainy days each year, but the sun comes out most often between June and August, the most recommended time to visit. Summers may be cool compared to most European and North American cities, but temperatures can approach 20°C during the sunniest days.