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Car Hire Denmark

Car hire made quick and easy in Denmark with a large number of car hire suppliers located throughout the area. Comparing prices and receiving quotes takes only a simple click.

Car Hire Denmark
  • Car hire from £13.99 per day
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  • Fully inclusive of Unlimited mileage
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from only £13.99 per day

Cheap Car Hire in Denmark

Driving Facts

  • Driving Side: You will be driving on the right-hand side.
  • Tolls: Denmark does not have any toll roads.
  • Driver requirements: You have to be 21 years of age to hire a vehicle in Denmark. It is permitted by law to have your driver's license, a valid international driver's license and car rental and insurances documents with you at all times while driving. All EU driver licenses are valid and can be used in Denmark. It is obligatory for all passengers in the car to wear seatbelts. The blood alcohol limit is 0.05%.
  • Speed Limits: The speed limit for driving in the city is 50kph; for open roads is 80kph; and for highways is 68mph/110kph.
  • Safety: The accepted blood alcohol level cannot go over 0.05%.

Standard Benefits

  • Unlimited Mileage included in standard rates
  • Collision Damage Waiver included in standard rates
  • All local taxes and Airport Surcharges included in standard rates
  • Theft Protection and Liability Cover included in rates
  • 24 hour Breakdown Assistance

Safety Driving Tips in Denmark

Denmark offers travellers a great deal of beautiful offerings from architectural wonders, like the Renaissance castles to the coastlines. Denmark also boasts some spectacular driving routes. The recently built Great Belt Bridge, which took ten years to complete, connects Denmark to Sweden and is 18km long.

Please take note of some road rules you will need to adhere to while driving in Denmark. It is compulsory to drive with your headlights on. Bad weather permits you to use dipped headlamps and fog lamps in foggy weather. While studded tyres are not compulsory for drivers in Denmark, they are only permitted to be used from November 1st - April 15th.

When a vehicle flashes their lights at you, they are signalling that they want to pass you. Due to the large number of cyclists on the road, it is imperative to keep a safe distance and always watch out for bicycles while driving. Please also be wary of the large number of speed traps.

Petrol stations are found about every 50km along the highways. When stations are closed, it is still possible to refuel, as most stations allow you to pay via automatic payment systems.

Select Quality Vehicles

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