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Important Information

  • Driving Side:Left
  • Tolls:Most Chinese express routes and express charge toll fees. China National Highways also charge tolls.Some provincial and municipal routes, as well as some major bridges charge road users a passage fees.
  • Driver requirements: In order to drive in China you have to be possession of a Chinese driving license and you need to apply for one. International Drivers License permits are not recognised by the Chinese government.
  • Speed Limits:30km/p on city roads; 40 km/p on China National Highways; Up to 70km/p on City roads; 100 km/p on city express roads and 120km/p on expressways. The limit for cars on urban roads is 50 Km/h or 70 Km/h unless road signs show otherwise. In some residential areas speed can be limited to 30 Km/h.Speeding is a punishable offence in China.
  • Safety:The Blood alcohol limit is 0.5 milligrams of alcohol per milliliter. If you are caught driving under the influence of alcohol you will be severely punished by the Chinese authorities.Driving in China is remarkably different from driving in European or American countries. Traffic is a huge problem and has been the major cause of accidents in and around Chinese towns and major city hubs. It may appear to foreign drivers that Chinese drivers do not follow the rules of the road. Various odd driving rules are accepted by those driving on Chinese roads-for example Chinese drivers will go through red robots if there appears to be no cars/traffic in their direction.Hooting, although perceived as impolite in most countries, is commonplace in China. Constant hooting is expected of drivers.China also receives huge rainfalls every year and it is important to stay vigilant and safe on slippery roads. Tunnel driving also poses risks as many tunnels are unlit and are dark. Finally China has been called the 'Middle Kingdom' as often cars will drive in the middle of the roads.

Travel through China

China, officially known as the Peoples Republic of China (PRC), is the largest country in Asia and offers travellers a rich array of activities from historical and cultural activities to beautiful landscapes and interesting cuisine.

Beijing, China's capital is most popular for the Great Wall of China which measures 6,700km's and stretches across five provinces from Shanhaiguan Pass in the east to Jiayuguan Pass in the west. For adrenaline junkie tourists who wish to climb a section of the Great Wall of China, you can do so just outside Beijing and experience the breathtaking views on foot.Tiananmen Square, which is famous for its political significance, is a must see for tourists.

Shanghai, China's largest city and business centre hub, is famed for its streamside cityscape and a shopperholic's paradise with an endless array of high-end stores and boutiques.

Hong Kong-This cosmopolitan city, with its distinctly British colonial heritage, is buzzing with tourists and boasts an excellent public transportation system. Make sure to visit Kowloon for its famous shopping areas, Macau for the casinos and Portuguese influence and take your family for a fun outing to Hong Kong Disneyland.

After all your shopping you must not forget to visit Xi'an and explore the Army of Terracotta Warriors, the Old City Walls and the Banpo Neolithic Village.

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