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Car Hire Caribbean
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Cheap Car Hire in Caribbean

Bahamas Jamaica Barbados Cayman Island
Driving side Left Left Left Left
Driving Requirements Minimum age 25 years old; must hold an international drivers license. Minimum age 25 years old; foreign and international driver licenses accepted. Minimum age 21 years old. You need to obtain a local driver's license. Minimum age 21 years old. You need to obtain a local driver's license.
Speed Limits 35mph 50km/p inside towns and80 km/p on highways 60km/p on minor roads; 80 km/p on freeways East side of the islands- 80km/p and built up areas such as George Town is 48 km/p
Tolls No Tolls Highway 2000 is a toll road and you must have your money ready to pay at the toll booths. No Tolls No Tolls

Visit the Caribbean


The archipelago of Bahamas is made up of 700 islands. The islands are picturesque strips of white sand and attract holidaymakers from around the world who frolic on the beaches and take the opportunity to snorkel and dive in the clear blue waters.Take in the hustle and bustle of the Capital town,Nassau,which still has remnants of old world colonial architecture.The Grand Bahama is a popular tourist destination as it is lined with beach resorts and bars.


Jamaica is the third largest of the Caribbean islands and along with its white beaches and tropical landscape, it has an interesting history. Although Jamaica's capital Kingston has been rocked by recent violence, it is a charming and fun city playing host to colourful festivals. The National Gallery in Jamaica houses the famous statue of the famed singer Bob Marley, who was born there.


Barbados is found in the east of the Caribbean archipelago. Due to its ties to England, it is often labelled - 'Little England'. Visit the waterfront in the capital Bridgetown and travel to the west coast of Barbados for its choral white beaches. The south coast of Barbados is filled with bars and nightclubs for those looking to have fun until all hours of the morning.

Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands, in the centre of the Caribbean, is made up of 3 islands. The largest of the islands, Grand Cayman is filed to the brim with beach resorts and villas. Little Cayman, the smallest of the 3 islands is popular for scuba diving.

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