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Car Hire Sao Paulo

Looking for cheap deals to hire a car in Sao Paulo? Booking ahead will give you peace of mind for your vacation time and booking online is the most convenient way to do it.

Car Hire Sao Paulo
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from only £13.99 per day

Cheap Car Hire in Sao Paulo

The procedure is easy; select on your browser the dates you want to hire a car in Sao Paulo, the type of car you prefer, the age of the driver, and where you want to pick up and drop off the car. Then launch the search. The choice is now yours.

The main gateway to Sao Paulo is its international airport though it is also possible to access the city by train and bus. Regular shuttles ply downtown Sao Paulo and normal buses and taxis are also available. Hiring a car at the airport is easy thanks to the many booths from all major hire companies available there.

The traffic in downtown Sao Paulo is congested and parking is very difficult. It might therefore be advisable to use the metro or buses to visit tourist attractions in the city centre. However cheap car hire in Sao Paulo is an excellent option to organise day trips from the city.

When you have enough of museums, parks and galleries in Sao Paulo, you will enjoy renting a car to go out from the buzz of the city. Car rental is easy in town and all major companies have representatives there. You can drive your hire car to the beautiful beaches of Ubatuba, Ilhabela or Iguape. If it is rest you are looking for, drive to the Campos do Jordao mountain resort.

Weather in Sao Paulo is warm and sunny, perfect for those day trips by car. Summertime can be very hot and wet, with some heavy rains from November to March. Winter is not cold by European standards so it might be a good season to head to Sao Paulo and enjoy the best of your vacation.