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Wheelchair Woman Beats The TSA - In Underwear

This week the American Transportation Security Administration found its way to the top of the discussion pile on social media platforms across the board.

In case you need a quick refresher, the TSA has been lambasted for intrusive and frisky methods of keeping airlines 'terrorist-free'. Some Harvard law students were so offended by the patting down they got, they're taking the TSA to court.

The controversy only increased this week, when Tammy Banovac, a disabled 52 year old woman, went through security wearing only her underwear. It's pretty absurd, I know, but it sounds a lot stranger than it really is. Here is the back story.

Banovac experienced an hour long 'pat down' two weeks earlier, when her wheelchair caused metal detectors to go off. Duh. TSA officers claimed to have found potential explosives on her chair, which prompted an hour long investigation. By the time they had reached the conclusion that she was not a threat to national security, Banovac had missed her flight home.

After her first tango with TSA officers, she decided to cut the foreplay by wearing little else than a trench coat, lingerie and a pearl necklace. And it worked this time - she cleared security in good time and made her plane to Phoenix - becoming a Youtube sensation along the way, thanks to a fellow passenger with a video phone.

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Clayton Truscott

Clayton Truscott

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