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Walk this way: The Millennium Bridge

You remember how the Millenium Bridge used to wobble? Well, it turns out that it had nothing to do with designers Sir Norman Foster and Sir Anthony Caro. No, according to a civil engineering report, the blame actually lay with us, the public. Because we weren't walking across it properly.

Apparently the issue with the £18 millon-bridge was that instead of walking in a straight line, people tended to move from side to side to maintain balance. Worse, they all moved from side to side differently. Which really you would have thought that anyone who had ever walked in a crowd might have cottoned on to, but perhaps Sir Norman doesn't spend so much time with the hoi polloi these days.

It's not quite as exciting as the story of the wobbly Pont de Solferino in Paris - where they supposedly covered the whole thing in washing-up liquid and sent a group of roller bladers to jump up and down on it to test it was safe enough (it may not actually be true, but I like the idea of it) - but it's a good excuse to watch a video of it wobbling. Here it is:

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