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Top 10 Christmas Songs

Christmas Spirit

It’s Christmas time again and there's no better way to get into the holiday spirit than to pop on your favourite Christmas songs.

I don't mean carols or overplayed modern versions - I’m talking about the traditional, classic Christmas tunes that have the power to sweep you off your real-world feet and take you to a world filled with tinsel and candy-canes. So turn up the volume and disappear into a land of festive cheer. If you have a favourite Christmas song that you would like to share, drop us a comment on Facebook or in the box below.

1. White Christmas - Bing Crosby

Somehow it just doesn't really feel like Christmas if there isn’t snow outside. Drinking hot cocoa, building snowmen and sitting by the fire while the snow swirls outside are just some of the season's joys. White Christmas sets off that yearning for the first snowfall and makes Christmas feel more like, well, Christmas.

2. Zat you Santa Claus - Louis Armstrong

Nothing gets the gift wrapping going like a little Jazz and no one does Jazz like Louis Armstrong. Zat you Santa Claus playing while wrestling with the sellotape makes wrapping the presents as much fun as opening them.

3. Walking In A Winter Wonderland - Dean Martin

Possibly one of the best songs, Walking In A Winter Wonderland is so cheery, bright and Christmassy that it can even make Christmas shopping a happy, stress-free task (well for me anyway).

4. A Blue Christmas - The Platters

For a little old-fashioned Christmas romance, play the The Platters rendition of Blue Christmas and stand beneath the mistletoe with your loved one. It will be a surefire way to get all those mushy feelings going and give you one of the best Christmas gifts anyone could wish for, love.

5. Christmas Dreaming - Frank Sinatra

Being such a big fan of Christmas, I usually start daydreaming about it from mid-November. This makes listening to Frank sing Christmas Dreaming a yearly ritual and a song to listen to for all those who love to get ready for Christmas early.

6. Jingle Bells - Glenn Miller

Sometimes it's the old favourites that are the most effective in getting everyone into the spirit of things. For me, it has to be Jingle Bells. Glenn Miller and his jazz orchestra play an instrumental version of the song that really gets the Christmas spirit swinging.

7. Christmas in New Orleans - Louis Armstrong

The travel bug in me always makes me wonder how amazing Christmas in a new city must be. Always choosing to be with family over the festive season however, I don’t often leave my home stomping grounds. So on goes a little Louis and I dream of the experience of a Christmas in New Orleans.

8. I’ll be home for Christmas - Frank Sinatra

Somehow Christmas can really drive home how important family is. We long to be together under one roof, even if it's just for the one day. However, this isn’t always possible. Just as Frank croons in I’ll be home for Christmas, by sticking to family traditions no matter where you find yourself, you may feel just that little bit closer to home.

9. Snowfall - Tony Bennett

For all the Christmas dreamers just waiting for the first snowfall, this song is for you. Put on some of Tony Bennett’s Snowfall and let your mind imagine the glistening snowflakes of the first fall.

10. The Christmas Song - Nat King Cole

Nat King Cole captures the essence of Christmas in the aptly named, Christmas Song. No matter what Christmas activity you are doing, this is most probably the song that will put you in the ultimate festive spirit.

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