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The World's Biggest Food Fight

Tomatina Festival, the biggest food fight on earth, is back on Wednesday the 25th of August at the famous Spanish town of Bunol.

The great tomato festival started way back in 1944, when a fight broke out at a local parade. According to the festival's official website, a group of feisty youngsters took up arms, in the form of tomatoes, and hurled them at the procession. Before you could say Napolitana sauce, the whole crowd was following suit.

At first, local authorities weren't thrilled by the repeat performance a year later. Nor the year after that. There was a grey period during the 50's when the festival was banned and people were doing it at the risk of getting jail time.

It was in 1957 that La Tomatina was legalised and started resembling the awesome event we know today. Which is more like a three day party with live music and up to 40, 000 frothing to get their clothes dirty.

Find out more about the events leading up to La Tomatina 2010 on the official website, as well as valuable tips, like the following:

  • Do not carry bottles or hard objects - they can cause accidents and hurt others
  • Please crush tomatoes before you throw them - the blow will be less painful
  • Keep a safe distance from the trucks
  • Stop throwing tomatoes when you hear the second shot
  • Diving goggles will help protect your eyes - the acid from tomatoes may sting after a while
  • If you want to see better, don't climb up railings, windows, pillars, etc.
  • If you want to spend the night in Bunol, make sure you look for accommodation in advance

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Clayton Truscott

Clayton Truscott

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