The Best Places To Take A Nakation


"Nakations" (naked vacations, for those who don't know) are fast becoming a popular way to holiday - and hotels and resorts are taking notice. While I have never been on one myself, I can certainly see the appeal. Imagine going on holiday and not having to cram your suitcase full of clothes! Best of all, you're mingling with people of the same mind, so there will be no judging, which leaves you to enjoy the freedom of nudity - something that is rare unless you're in your own home.

Who Goes On These Nakations?

Nakations began thanks to the growing popularity of naturism. Naturists enjoy a lifestyle of nudity. You get groups of friends, couples and even families that have grown accustomed to this lifestyle. Not only naturists take nakations now though. Anybody who wants to experience it or just do something daring can go au naturel on their next holiday (provided they're in the right vicinity of course). While there are plenty of places all over the world that support nudity, I have narrowed it down to five of the best places for you to go - from a public beach to a resort - here are the places where you can strip off without a care in the world.

International Nakations

North Swanbourne Beach - Perth, Australia

Nudist Beach SignVisit a nude beach

As Perth's only nudist beach, North Swanbourne Beach is often crowded with enthusiastic naturists and tourists. If you're not too keen on a whole holiday spent in the nude, perhaps just an afternoon at the beach will do.

This beach isn't officially a nude beach, but it has been socially acceptable as one since just after World War Two. The beach is particularly great for those who feel like being even more risky than being naked in public - it's on army land, meaning people sometimes have to go to a different section of the beach for a couple of hours while some live firing takes place.

Boat In The Buff - British Virgin Islands

CaribbeanSail the Caribbean

There are many different types of nakations you can take. Cruise lines are even stepping up and offering clothing optional cruises for those wanting to experience it. But, if you're looking for something even more unique, Boat In The Buff gives people the opportunity to take a nakation onboard their sailing boat, Flamboyance. You sail to the British Virgin Islands while getting a no-tan-lines tan under the Caribbean sun. The boat can accommodate up to eight people, making it the perfect nude getaway for friends and families. The friendly hosts, Jim and Patti, are with you on the trip, making you feel completely comfortable and at home. This is definitely the ultimate boat to book with if nude sailing tickles your fancy.

Rudas Turkish Baths - Budapest, Hungary

Rudas Turkish BathThe Rudas Baths

Budapest is home to many ancient Turkish Baths, but what many people might be unaware of is that if you visit the Rudas Turkish Baths, you can go nude. The Rudas Baths was built in 1550 and is famous for its exquisite architecture. Visitors can choose to bathe in this octagonal pool, either in bathing suits or their birthday suits. The bath is also said to heal health problems such as arthritis and even calcium deficiency. If you're keen to try this out solo or as a couple, it's worth knowing that only weekends are co-ed. Tuesdays are "Ladies" Days and the
rest of the weekdays are for men.

Lakeside Farm Naturist Holidays - Lincolnshire, UK

Nudist Camp SignCamp or caravan in the nude

You don't need to venture abroad to enjoy the lifestyle of a naturist while on holiday. Why not stay on the Lakeside Farm in Lincolnshire? This holiday resort offers clothing-optional holidays, so guests can feel free to walk around in the nude and have a relaxing time. The naturist guests (or those just keen to try out a nakation) can choose between camping and caravanning from £14, a studio with a view of the lake from £35 or a studio with a view of the garden from £33. The place has many communal areas where like-minded people can mingle, such as a sauna, hot tub and a games-room.

Eureka - Kent, UK

Nudist SpaRelax while you're massaged

Eureka is a fantastic place for naturists to go and unwind. They're very proud of the fact that they accept people between 18 and 80, all races, and are one of the only naturist clubs to not discriminate against single men. Everyone is welcome here! There are plenty of things for the guests to enjoy, such as a pool and a spa where you can book some amazing massages. If you feel like playing a game of pool, make your way to the clubhouse. Better yet, for all the fun-loving guests, there are party nights in the nightclub - which, of course, you can go to without a stitch of clothing on and dance the night away.

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