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St Patrick's Day Celebrations

Flag of Ireland

St Paddy's pays homage to the great saint of Ireland, in true Irish style - with mates and beer. And while it’s more about how much fun you’re having and less about where or how you celebrate it, there are a few things that’ll put you in the spirit before your Guinness has even touched sides.

And to kick start your celebrations, enter the competition below to stand a chance of winning a copy of The Guinness Story: The Family, the Business and the Black Stuff.

Turn Up The Irish Music

Before you read another line, put on the music. Can you feel it? That’s the spirit. Foot tapping, slight head bop? Turn it up. Feel it. Everyone’s Irish on St Paddy’s.

Go Green

In honour of the Emerald Isle, clovers and leprechauns, March 17th is the day to go green - your clothes, your hair, your face, even your beer. If the Leaning Tower of Pisa and Burj Al Arab can honour the occasion, what’s stopping you from dressing up like a proper little leprechaun?

Find A Drink For You

Maybe it’s Guinness, maybe it’s a Whiskey Mac, maybe it’s your neighbour’s home brew - just enjoy it. No one says you need alcohol to celebrate St Patrick’s Day, but it definitely makes the next few tips easier to master.

St Patrick’s Day DrinksBottoms Up!

Sing Along

There’s nothing like a sing-song in a rowdy pub to get glasses clinking and make arm-in-arm friends for life. Grab your mates, the people at the next table and the old guy wearing a hat at the bar and let out all that Irish spirit you’ve been bottling up inside.

Do The Accent

You know you want to. It’s not scientifically proven, but Guinness seems to contain properties that help with acquiring an Irish accent faster.

Become Michael Flatley

Lord Of The Dance is more than just a stage production - it’s the choreographed embodiment of Ireland. If at any point you get the an urge to test out your Irish Dancing skills, just do it. Lift those knees and point those toes - and extra points for not spilling your drink in the process.

To get you in the mood for all the festivities, Essential Travel is giving away a copy of The Guinness Story: The Family, the Business and the Black Stuff, courtesy of O'Brien Press.

The Guinness Story

"This 250-year old story will fascinate lovers of Guinness beer and memorabilia as well as those interested in this remarkable family of brewers and the industrial history of Ireland’s most famous export. Over 100 fascinating photographs bring to life the pivotal role that the Guinness brewery has played in Ireland for over two centuries: the early days of the brewery; the Guinness dynasty; the brewing process; the unique industrial complex at St James’s Gate; day-to-day life behind the gates; the hugely successful export operation; and key moments in the history of the brewery."

To win, simply tell us how you celebrated St Patrick's Day 2013. Enter in the comments box below and remember to include your email address so that we can notify the winner.

The competition is now CLOSED and the winner will be notified via email.

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