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Obama's staycation

Staycations have become so popular, even the Obamas have decided to holiday close to home. Martha's Vineyard, off Cape Cod in New England, is their destination of choice. By all accounts, the east coast island is a bit of a democratic politicians' haunt with the Clintons and various members of the Kennedy clan previously heading there for holidays.

Where's the scandal in a local holiday, you may well ask... well, the US president is renting his holiday home from major Republican supporter, William Van Devender. Van Devender reportedly funded Fred Thompson before volunteering the maximum financial donation allowed to John McCain in the last election.

Controversial? Ironic? When you hear the property spec, it sounds more like a savvy holiday choice. The £12 million Blue Heron Farm comes with an orchard, private beach, pool, golf course and basketball court. I guess some things just transcend political allegiance.

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