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It's Christmas... and a new world record!

I spend most of the run up to Christmas panicking and recovering, but there seems to be something about the festive season that brings out a competitive edge in people - never mind the rush on online shopping, there's a rush on record breaking. Not only are the Koreans waiting for confirmation that theirs is the world's largest Christmas tree, but the Indians have baked what may be the tallest cake, and the Chinese have built the world's largest Father Christmas ice sculpture at the Harbin Ice Festival.

I don't really get the point of world records, but then I discovered this film of the world's largest floating Christmas tree (yes, it's a category all of its own) somewhere in Brazil, and I realised that if I had a tree like that (if it is actually a tree, it looks a bit electrical) I would want the world to know too. So here it is: Happy Christmas!

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