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Go on go on go to the TedFest

Prepare for the Second Coming: from March 5-8 is TedFest - the second festival dedicated to the glory of Father Ted (that would be the Channel 4 sitcom, not an individual priest - or somebody's dad called Ted).

So much less time consuming than Glynebourne, so much more elite than Glastonbury (Craggy Island only has room for 200 people), the second festival is packed with a series of Father Ted-appropriate yet thrilling events, including :1am (Thursday) ISLAND Hide and Seek; 11.30 am (Saturday) SHEBANGO'S Learning Irish through the Medium of Father Ted; 11am (Sunday) ISLAND A Treasure Hunt with bicycles. (Organiser's note: "ALL EVENTS SUBJECT TO DIVINE INTERVENTION WITHOUT NOTICE NOR COMEBACK".)

I would include a Father Ted clip from YouTube but Channel 4 won't let me. So instead book soon - the first TedFest sold out almost miraculously fast.

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