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As wonderful as a good countryside view is, here at Essential Travel we were surprised (and pleased) to hear that it's the Bath Skyline that has been heralded the National Trust's most popular walking trail. Rather than rewarding walkers with green woodland views at the top of the hill, the walk ends with glorious vistas of Bath city and its iconic Georgian terraces.

The National Trust recently revealed that the Bath Skyline walk was the most downloaded trail available from 130 trails on their website, closely followed by Clumber Park in Nottinghamshire and Ashridge in Hertfordshire, while the White Cliffs of Dover in Kent were a big draw in the wildlife walks category.

So, dust down that anorak, get your boots on and get walking!

Bath Skyline
The main draw of this six mile walk is the peerless views of Bath below. Still, there's plenty on offer en route from valleys, woodlands and patchworks of meadows to an Iron Age hill-fort, Roman settlements, and 18th-century follies.

Clumber Park, North Nottinghamshire
This 3,800 acres estate (of the Duke Of Newcastle) is a walkers paradise. Try the National Trust's one and a half mile walk that takes you past the estate's temple, pleasure ground and through Ash Hill Tree Wood.

Ashridge, Hertfordshire
The Ashridge Estate wildlife walk is ever popular with families and much of the two mile trail is pushchair friendly. Look up and try to spot buzzards and red kites, or look into the ancient woodlands to spy allow deer.

White Cliffs of Dover, Kent
This four mile coastal cliff walk gives you the chance to get up to close to one of England's most famous natural landmarks. As well as sweeping views of the cliffs, look out for rare flora and fauna.

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Clayton Truscott

Clayton Truscott

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