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Resistance is futile: Star Trek, the premiere, and a town called Vulcan

I love to get behind a good campaign and I'm particularly taken with this one: the people of Vulcan, Alberta, Canada, are fighting for the premiere of the next Star Trek film (called ... Star Trek) to be held in their town - yes, there's a real town known as Vulcan (population approx 1,940; primary exports: wheat, canola, barley).

Of course it's all a bit of a joke (from the website: "STAR TREK FACT: The Vulcan Language is not commonly spoken in Vulcan or Vulcan County, Alberta") but even so, the Vulcans haven't been slow to capitalise on their extraordinary Star Trek connection - there's a Tourism and Trek Station, filled with memorabilia from the show, a themed restaurant (the Trekkie Brekkie), a self-guided Star Trek walk, and it regularly hosts conventions. And now the world's (the universe's?) most famous Vulcan, Leonard Nimroy is behind the campaign, perhaps it will have a world premiere too.

You can get a taster of the full Vulcan treats below . And until next time - live long and prosper.

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