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SACP Valet Southend Airport Parking

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SACP Meet & Greet Information

SACP Meet & Greet parking is a Meet and Greet service and is open 24 hours


For an effective and reliable Southend Airport car park solution, we recommend SACP Meet and Greet to tend to your needs. A chauffeur will park your car for you while you check in. It saves you time and money. The professional service levels will ensure that you have a carefree start to your journey.

Security Approved by Essential Travel


The security gate and CCTV monitoring will see to it that your car is in safe hands until you return.


The Meet and Greet service employs chauffeurs to drive your car to and from the airport. As a result, you do not need to transfer to or from your vehicle.


ARRIVAL PROCEDURES: Please ring us on the number on your confirmation when you are 15 mins away from Southend Airport. In the event that you do not have a Sat Nav or unsure when you will be 15 mins away, please ring us when you have just passed the Basildon turnoff on the A.127 towards Southend, or if coming via the A.130, ring us when you leave the A.130 to get on the A.127. It is important to ring SACP if you are running late or early. This way somebody will be aware of your situation so that assistance will be allocated accordingly.

On arrival at Southend Airport, drive just past the actual terminal building and pull into the Passenger Drop-Off Bay (on your left) where a member of our staff will greet you. Our member of staff will be wearing an orange/black shirt with SACP company logo and ID Badge and will process the necessary paperwork with you.

Arrival Procedure

Call SACP on the number on your email confirmation when you are 15 minutes away from Southend Airport. When you arrive at the airport, drive into the passenger drop-off bay as you pass the terminal. The chauffeur should be given the details of your flight back.

Return Procedure

After proceeding through passport control and fetching your luggage, contact SACP on the same number as before. Staff will advise you on a pickup location subject to security conditions. Your flight will be monitored using Teletext, Ceefax and Southend Airport information. Advise the car park if you are aware of any other delays.

Parking Procedure

A SACP driver will take your car to the compound, where it will be safely stored until you return.

Additional Information

Extra large vehicles will have to pay 1.5 times the usual price.

Disabled Access

Since it is a chauffeured service that runs from the airport grounds, it would be ideal for a disabled passenger who might have difficulties with car park transfers.

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SACP Meet & Greet Map

See the location of SACP Meet & Greet in relation to Southend airport on the map below.

  • Southend
    SS2 6YF
  • Sat Nav: 51.567844, 0.700239

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SACP Meet & Greet Parking Reviews

SACP Meet & Greet parking has been rated 97 out of 100 from 8 customer reviews.

Total Rating: 100%

Car park: SACP Meet & Greet

Mr Cozens said "so far the easiest i have ever used and so quick if using the airport will try to use again"

  • 5 stars Arrival
  • 5 stars Staff
  • 5 stars Return
  • 5 stars Service
  • 5 stars Will use again?
  • 27 Oct 2013

Total Rating: 100%

Car park: SACP Meet & Greet

Mr Gill said "Just top class. Best airport service ever"

  • 5 stars Arrival
  • 5 stars Staff
  • 5 stars Return
  • 5 stars Service
  • 5 stars Will use again?
  • 28 Sep 2013

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