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Airport lounges at Malta International Airport.

Start your holiday off on the right foot with a relaxing seat at Malta International's La Valette Airport lounge. We make this luxury more affordable with the lowest prices GUARANTEED. You'll get to travel like a high-roller without spending like one. Make sure you book your seat early to benefit from our discounted prices!

Cheap Airport Lounges At Malta Int'l, Malta

Many believe that relaxing in an airport lounge is a luxury reserved only for a select few. However, with Essential Travel you can be one of the privileged ones who get to relax in style before their flight. We bring you airport lounge bookings at affordable prices that will suit just about any budget. You'll get complete access to all the luxuries and facilities of the lounge for up to three hours before your flight.

Business travellers will be pleased to know that the La Valette airport lounge offers a range of services to help you maintain your busy schedule while you're out of the office. With WiFi access, as well as phone and fax facilities, you'll never have to skip a beat.

Other Facilities at La Valette Airport Lounge

Please note that facilities at the lounge will include, but may not be limited to the following:

How To Book

We believe in helping you do things the easy way. That's why our online booking system not only helps you save money, but it saves you time too. It only takes 4 steps for you to secure a seat at your preferred airport lounge. Simply fill in the required fields in our quote form above and click "Quote Me" to get started.

We have teamed up with the airport lounge below at Malta Int'l Airport, Malta. Click on the link for more details:

La Valette Club