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Airport Lounges at Luton.

Spoil yourself the next time you fly by checking into our Luton Airport lounge, available at an affordable price when you book online. You'll benefit by escaping the crowds as well as saving money all in one go. It couldn't be quicker or easier to ensure a hassle-free wait at Luton Airport.

Cheap Airport Lounges At Luton

Do yourself a favour and book your seat at an airport lounge ahead of time. You'll not only beat the crowds but you can also save valuable symbol(pound)symbol(pound)symbol(pound)'s when you pre-book with us online. With such affordable prices, you won't need a Platinum card - you'll be able to wait in style without breaking the bank!

Lounges at Luton Airport

Someries Lounge: The Someries lounge is a bright lounge that is a joy to relax in before your flight. With the usual offerings of tea, coffee, alcohol and soft drinks this lounge also has WiFi and televisions for your use.

The Someries lounge at Luton Airport also provides travellers with internet access - perfect for the business traveller. As a businessman or woman, you won't have to let your busy schedule take a backseat.

Luton Airport Lounges Facilities

Enjoy the following facilities while you wait in style for your flight:

Hassle-Free Online Bookings

To make bookings as convenient as possible, we've tailormade the process to consist of just a few straightforward steps. Simply fill in the quote form at the top of this page, and click "Quote Me" before getting an instant quote. You can then enjoy a fully secure booking as we'll keep your personal details entirely confidential.