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Brussels National Airport Lounges

Do yourself a favour and book a seat at our Brussels Airport lounge before you board your flight. You'll be amazed at the impressive facilities and services. Book online now and save valuable symbol(pound)symbol(pound)symbol(pound)'s!

Cheap Airport Lounges At Brussels National, Belgium

Brussels Airport is proud to introduce its stylish airport lounge to all travellers passing through. The nicely furnished airport lounge is conveniently situated in the airport and offers refreshments, newspapers, and Internet to visitors.

Location Of The Brussels Airport Lounge

The Brussels Airport Company, Brussels Airport, B-1930 Zaventem

Facilities To Suit Your Needs

Satisfying The Senses

Our Brussels National Airport lounge allows travellers to escape the rush of airport travel and sip on a refreshing drink in a comfy lounger instead. It offers facilities to perfectly suit your needs, especially if you want to kick back and relax. The lounge is also ideal for last-minute research or simply watching television before you hop on your flight.

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Diamond Lounge