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Bordeaux Merignac Airport Lounges, France

Our Bordeaux Merignac Airport lounge is ideal for travellers wanting to relax before they fly. Simply book with our user-friendly booking system to reserve your seat. You'll get to put your feet up for a while and enjoy your airport stay to the full.

Cheap Airport Lounges At Bordeaux Merignac, France

If you're travelling from Bordeaux Merignac Airport and have some time on your hands, how about booking into our airport lounge for some me-time? You'll have access to facilities like the Internet, telephone, television, and much more. Our Bordeaux Merignac Airport lounge is ideal for all kinds of travellers using the airport to travel.

Location Of The Bordeaux Merignac Airport Lounge

Cedex 40, Merignac, France 33700

Facilities For Your Entertainment

Cloud 9

This comfy airport lounge ensures that our travellers feel right at home during their stay. With a dash of glamour, style, and luxury, the Bordeaux Merignac Airport lounge allows travellers to have a breather from the mayhem of airport travel. Sink into a soft couch and sip slowly on a soft drink before you dash off to board your flight.

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Salon Des Vignobles