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Dewa Lounge at Bali Ngurah Rai Int'l Airport, Indonesia

Travelling is great, but waiting for your flight at the airport can sometimes be quite a draining experience. This is where airport lounges can make your life a lot easier. Get out of the clinical terminal waiting area and enjoy your time at the airport in comfort.

Dewa Lounge Bali

The Dewa Lounge at the Bali Ngurah Rai International airport offers a great many comforts that you won't find in the terminal waiting area. You can sit on a comfortable seat in the air conditioned lounge with access to newspapers, magazines, the internet, televisions and more. If you feel the need to freshen up, there are even shower facilities available.

The lounge offers refreshments in the form of soft drinks, wine and beer, and has a separate smoking area. You may be worried that you might miss your flight on account of all of the available entertainment. The Dewa Lounge is prepared for this and has monitors displaying the full flight information, so that you know when your plane is going to board.

The lounge is affordable and open to adults as well as children. Escape the dull sitting around in the terminal and enjoy your stay in peace and comfort at the Dewa Lounge.

Airport Facilities

If you'd prefer to wait in the terminal waiting area, there are many things to keep you occupied. You can visit the duty free plaza which includes shops like Hermes, Burberry's and Fendi. There is also a range of coffee shops and restaurants, including McDonalds and some smart Balinese restaurants.

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