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Antalya Airport Lounges

Book now using our online booking system to secure your seat in our Antalya International Airport lounge, where the facilities are endless and you can put your feet up. Every traveller needs some time out, so why not settle into a comfy airport lounge before you fly?

Cheap Airport Lounges At Antalya International

Do you have spare time on your hands at the airport? Are you waiting for a flight? Why not book at an Antalya International Airport lounge for some peace and quiet before you fly? We provide travellers with facilities like television, flight monitors, Internet access and reading material. There is no wait if you are booked into a luxury airport lounge.

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Odeon Elite Lounge

Location Of Antalya International Airport Lounge

Highway D400, Antalya, Turkey

Captivating Airport Lounge Facilities

Relax And Reflect

Take time out for yourself in our Antalya International Airport lounge, where you can read through a magazine, nibble on some food, or sip on champagne. You'll be living the high life in complete comfort. Your family will be entertained while you wait, instead of running around the airport, while your business needs will also be met with fax and telephone facilities. Spoil yourself by taking a break in the airport lounge at Antalya International Airport.