Secret Saver Hotels

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Book our Secret Saver Hotels to get only the lowest rates available and great value-for-money accommodation that will compliment your budget.

Costs you less than booking regular airport hotels, but gives so much more

To bring costs down, we've struck a deal with our airport hotel partners to bring you their surplus rooms at a lower-than-normal rate. These are called secret saver, or undercover, hotels. The secret part of the package is that you won't know the name of the hotel until you've booked. This helps us bring you some good value options so that you save even more. You'll get great accommodation and a comfortable night's stay for much less.

Don't worry though, we don't keep everything a secret. As with all our airport hotels, you'll get to find out everything about your Secret Saver hotels before you book. This includes their distance from your chosen airport and their star-rating, so that you can still make an informed decision.

This offer is not limited to just one person. You can book secret saver accommodation for more than one person in more than one room and still save. This makes it a viable booking option for a family vacation too.

Just like with our regular hotels, to get booking, simply follow these four easy steps:

Not only will you save big on the accommodation, but you could save big on the parking too. Many of our Secret Saver hotels at major airports can be booked with long-term parking for your car included. This means you'll be able to enjoy a relaxing start to your holiday and have peace of mind that trained hotel staff are looking after your vehicle.

With prime accommodation at two of the UK's biggest and busiest airports, allow yourself the best possible start and book your stay at a Renaissance Airport Hotel.

Renaissance Heathrow Airport Hotel

The Renaissance at Heathrow provides easy access to central London and Renaissance's weekly 'In-The-Know' tourist recommendations.

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