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Essential Travel offers you fantastic deals and best prices on hotels at Coventry Airport, with or without parking.

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  • Choose from 2 top hotels near Coventry Airport
  • Enjoy top-quality service in hotels such as the Chace Hotel and Allesley Hotel without breaking your budget
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Flying from Coventry Airport? Essential Travel offers travellers great choice when it comes to booking airport hotels, without needing to break the bank.

Enter your travel dates into the quote form to quickly compare the cost of all the available airport hotels at or near Coventry Airport. Alternatively, scroll down to find detailed information on each hotel.

A wide variety of rooms are available to suit your needs. If you are driving your car to the airport select "with parking" to receive a quote for a room which includes parking for up to 15 days.

Book online today to guarantee availability and we will send you an immediate confirmation including full directions to help you find the hotel easily.

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This charming hotel has oak-panelled walls and four-poster beds, which give travellers a sense of sophistication and the feeling that they might be in the countryside. Conveniently it is only 5 miles away from the airport, meaning you are sure to arrive and check in for your flight relaxed and with time to spare.

Mock Tudor brick cladding and gardens make guests feel as though they are in the countryside when staying at Allesley Hotel, yet it is very close to both the NEC and airport. The hotel also offers a whole host of conference and function facilities and rooms.

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