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Why Essential Travel's Facebook Page?

There are four main reasons why you should run promotions with the Essential Travel Facebook Page:

  1. To engage with our audience

    Engage With Our Audience

    Essential Travel have developed a travel focused and socially active Facebook audience of over 10,000 fans. You can reach this audience segment by running promotions with Essential Travel on our Facebook page and help differentiate yourself from competition and reach this new, socially focused travel audience segment.

  2. Reach more people for less

    Cost Effective Reach

    Promotion on Essential Travel's Facebook page provides much larger and more targeted reach for your budget comparatively to traditional media channels. Competitions regularly receive over 200,000 impressions across Facebook featuring partner company's brand names, products and imagery.

  3. Data capture

    Data Capture

    By using Facebook's Open Graph technology Essential Travel are able to generate data capture from those that engage with promotions. This can be shared with competition partners for their future use.

  4. Crowd-sourcing

    Crowd Source

    Due to the way Essential Travel run competitions, the answers gained can be used for crowd-sourcing or even survey purposes. Competitions are often ran to achieve particular requirements from our partners, for example generating opinions around a particular subject or brand.

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