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Facebook Competitions

There are three types of competition formats available for you to advertise your brand or product on the Essential Travel Facebook page. Each format has been designed and optimised to ensure maximum engagement, impressions and results - just choose what format suits you best!

  1. Comment and Win

    Entrants submit their answer by making a comment using the Facebook Comments Plugin to either answer a question or offer an opinion, and then to Recommend the competition to their friends through the recommend button.

  2. Multiple Choice

    Entrants answer a series of questions by selecting their choice from a radio button list. Throughout these different question stages there are opportunities to link to your content as a way to engage entrants with that content and we can even import videos into the App directly from YouTube. Questions can then be based around this content to ensure it�s fully engaged with.

    After the questions there is a Facebook comment plugin and a recommend button that entrants are encouraged to engage with to maximise impressions.

  3. Photo Upload

    Entrants upload an image based either around a concept or theme. They then login to upload this image and then submit the image to be registered for entry. Images are all stored and saved and can be used in future Marketing.

    After submitting their image entrants are encouraged to share the image with their friends to get �Likes� as votes and then to comment and recommend the competition to maximise further impressions.

All three formats begin with a consistent approach that is designed to gain the most value from entrants:

Like, Login, Submit Answer then Recommend

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