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Why Feature in the Essential Travel Magazine

There are four main reasons why you should wish to feature in the Essential Travel Magazine:

  1. To engage with our audience

    Engage With Our Audience

    The Essential Travel Magazine has developed a travel-conscious, UK-based readership readership of over 475,000 individuals. You can reach this audience with the editorial opportunities available within Essential Travel Magazine and help your brand engage with the wider travel sector.

  2. Search Engine Optimisation Benefits

    Engage With Our Audience

    Everybody knows that getting to the top of Google's rankings for whatever your website offers is a huge opportunity to drive traffic to your site. By featuring in Essential Travel Magazine you can go some way to achieving this goal through the exposure we provide for your brand, our audience searching for your brand and links that will be directed to your website.

  3. Creative Freedom and Flexibility

    Engage With Our Audience

    Our editorial opportunities are designed to provide you with flexibility in your work with Essential Travel Magazine. Throughout the process, we're available to work with you on the content to ensure it's perfect for our readership, or we're happy to leave you to it and review the finished article together. All final editorial decisions are made by the Esential Travel Magazine team.

  4. Social Media Engagement

    Social Media Engagement

    Essential Travel have developed a strong social media following that regularly engages with Essential Travel Magazine's content. Each month any article you write with us will receive it's own social media posts on our Facebook and Twitter pages and the article itself will have built-in social media sharing functionality designed to maximise the exposure socially.

Work With Us on an Editorial Opportunity

If you would like to find out more about any Editorial Opportunities with the Essential Travel Magazine and Blog, please contact us now.