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Wedding Travel Insurance

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  5. For UK and ROI residents only

From only £25.58 per Week

  • Ideal for weddings abroad
  • Wedding clothes, gifts & rings
  • Single, Annual or Backpacker Trips

From only £25.58 per Week

Add Wedding Insurance Extras

If you’re planning on going abroad for your Big Day, you can add extra wedding cover to your Single, Annual Multi or Backpacker Trip policy that specifically covers accidental loss, theft or damage to your wedding attire, rings, gifts or photos to help ensure that your special day is everything it’s meant to be.

Wedding cover will add extra protection for:

  • Wedding Clothes up to £1500 per person
  • Wedding Gifts up to £1000 per couple
  • Wedding Rings up to £250 per person
  • Wedding Photographs up to £750 per person

To add the extra Wedding cover to your policy simply:

  • Complete the quote form above
  • Choose the level of cover you require
  • Fill in your personal details
  • Select the additional wedding cover

Only pay for the cover you need

You can customise your policy to suit your trip with the choice of 4 cover levels and 4 areas of cover so that you only pay for the cover you need. You can also add extra protection for pre-existing medical conditions, sports, golf, cruises, winter sports and weddings too if you need it.

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Add Extra Cover

You can customise your policy further with pre-existing medical condition cover, sports and a number of other specialist add-ons.

Do You Need to Declare a Medical Condition?

If you have a pre-existing medical condition it’s vital that you declare it or you could invalidate your entire policy. Insurers don’t like to think that you’ve hidden things from them and you may be surprised to find out that many common medical conditions such as allergies can be added without any additional cost. What’s more, you even have the option to declare a condition but then exclude it from your policy. What this means is that you’ve told your insurer about your condition but decided not to cover it, so you will be covered medically for anything unrelated to that condition.

Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

Specialist cover can be added to your policy in minutes via our easy Online Medical Screening system.

Do You Need Extra Sports or Specialist Cover?

A decent policy will include cover for many sporty or adventure activities as standard. However the more adventurous or dangerous the activity, like winter sports, the more likely it is that you will need to purchase additional sports insurance. You can customise your policy further a number of other specialist add-ons.

Hazardous Sports and activities

If you want to play sport on holiday, make sure you do so safely by adding the correct sports grade to your policy.

100+ sports are covered at no extra cost on our policies!

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