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Medical Travel Insurance

Medical cover is essential to anyone travelling abroad as prices can escalate rapidly should you have an accident or become ill and need medical attention.

We have 3 types of policies: Single Trip, Annual Multi Trip and Backpacker. Each policy provides cover for Medical Expenses. Furthermore, you will have a choice of 4 cover levels so that you only pay for the cover you need!

All travel insurance policies include:

  • Medical Expenses up to £10 million
  • Hospital Benefit up to £1200
  • Personal Accident up to £30,000

Experts' Tip - If you’re staying with family abroad and only require medical insurance our Standard Cover level policy is ideal!

Pre-existing Medical Conditions

Over 70 medical conditions are covered as standard on all of our Single Trip, Annual Multi Trip and Backpacker policies. We also provide extra medical cover for Pre-Existing Medical Conditions that you can be easily added to your policy.

Travel Insurance Reviews

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