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24 Hour Emergency Assistance

As an added bonus, all of our travel insurance policies include access to a UK-based 24-Hour Emergency Assistance Helpline offering worldwide multi-lingual assistance - which means that you can be sure of our support anytime, anywhere.

Call us on +44 (0)208 763 4934 or +44 (0)844 879 8317 if you:

  • Have an accident or get ill and need medical assistance
  • Need to go to a hospital or clinic
  • Require legal assistance
  • Have to cut your trip short & return to the UK

Tip - Take this emergency number away with you
Make sure you carry this number with you at all times for extra peace of mind whilst you're away. You could also give a copy to anyone you're travelling with!

3 easy ways to keep this number safe

Knowing that help is at hand 24/7 whilst you're away is great and we've made it easy for you to carry our number around with you. Choose between these 3 options during the booking process.

  1. Handy card that fits in your wallet: Included in the printed postal confirmation
  2. SMS Message: Great if you're taking your mobile away with you
  3. Email Confirmation: Online access or simply print it out a copy