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An in-depth look at the latest trends, activities and happenings in the world of travel.

Top Of The Pops For New Year's

New Year's Eve

This year we're focussing on the best of New Year's Eve, from destinations and activities to old and new resolutions. The celebrations start here.

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Celebrate Christmas The Traveller's Way

Christmas 2013

This year we're throwing out old Christmas traditions and showing you that the holiday can be enjoyed all over the world, with whomever you want.

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World's Best Ecotourism Destinations

Eco-friendly travel

The world is seeing a boom in environmentally-friendly travel. Essential Travel explores the best destinations for ecotourism and sustainable travel.

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Experience The World Of Adventure Travel

Take the leap

Essential Travel explores Adventure Travel - the world's best action holidays, wildlife safaris, cultural experiences and latest extreme experiences.

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Travel The World With Volunteer Work

Volunteer Travel

Volunteer travel is a great way to explore the world while helping people. To save on expenses, we looked at organisations that don't break your bank.

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Travel Photography: The World Through A Lens

San Pancho, Mexico

In one of our most exciting features yet, Essential travel Magazine is exploring the world of Travel Photography. Get tips and enter the competition.

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World's Best Road Trips

Driving through Autumn leaves

Essential Travel Magazine brings you the best Road Trips around the world, from short jaunts just for fun, to trips that will take you away for days.

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Travel World Records

The Earth

Exploring futuristic transport, visionary architecture and phenomenons of nature, we've scoured the globe to find the World Record Travel Experiences.

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Fair Trade Travel

Fair Trade Tourism

We uncover the wonders of Fair Trade Travel and how travellers can help community development and environmental sustainability.

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Travel: Then and Now

Vintage Travel

Essential Travel Magazine explores the best of vintage travel: both diving into the past, and uncovering the best ways to experience yesteryear today.

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