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What Type Of Traveller Are You?

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We want you to fill in our quick quiz to find out what type of traveller you are. Simply fill in a few easy questions about your travel habits and we'll tell you what kind of traveller we think you are. Whether you're the typical tourist, a sun seeker or the more alternative traveller: take our quiz and find out.

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Frances Bailey

Frances Bailey

Frances' love of travel started with family holidays that involved a two day journey across the great Karoo, where colonial towns jostled with raw African poverty and barren farmlands. Here her parents would tell tales of the great beyond as they watched some of the best starry skies on offer. Her first transatlantic adventure involved a stay in the attic of a 400-year-old rectory in the charming town of Stoke Hammond and since also took the form of a stint in Galway, Ireland where she learnt how it feels to have music throb through your veins.