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Welcome to the Essential Travel Blog

The Essential Travel Blog brings together travel experts and the travelling community in an interactive, light-hearted look at the world of travel, featuring; hidden travel gems, hot topics and exclusive interviews.

Travel Scams: Currency Conning

We all like to feel that we are good at spotting bargains, and not to mention a little resentful of the big banks and institutions that are constantly making money from us. So it's not surprising that the idea of somehow getting a better-than-usual rate on our currency exchange can leave us vulnerable to currency scams.

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10 Tips For Multigenerational Travel

Travelling together as a family -- parents, children, grandparents, perhaps even cousins too -- can be extremely rewarding and lots of fun. There's nothing like watching your children bond with their grandparents over gelato, or enjoying the dinner time banter you only get with people who've known you all of your life. However, it's inevitable that people of differing age groups will want different things and have varying needs. You won't be able to please everybody all of the time. However, here are some ideas that will go a long way towards helping...

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The 8 Different Types Of Traveller

There's no doubt about it - you meet some characters on your travels. From the super-organised to the sun-lounger hoggers, we run through the 8 different types of travellers you will undoubtedly meet on your gap year, career break, or holidays.

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Summer Skin Care

With the latest figures from the Office of National Statistics citing a rise of 78% of malignant melanomas in men and 48% in women over the last ten years, it's clear that there's a lot we could still be doing to protect our skin when we're in the sun. Even if it's only as an attempt to lessen our chance of getting wrinkles, any improvement on sun protection is a positive step. Here are some ways to maximise your skin's protection whilst still having fun.

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A Guide For Tipping Around the World

Sometimes it's nice to be able to tip somebody for a job well done; sometimes it's downright expected, and occasionally it can even be taken as an insult. If you're a little unsure of the tipping etiquette for where you are travelling, take a look at our around the world guide to tipping:

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