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Why Choose A Group Travel Insurance Policy?

Why Choose A Group Travel Insurance Policy

Although they say there’s safety in numbers when travelling abroad, accidents and incidents can happen and in my experience are all the more likely when there’s a few of you. That’s why a group travel insurance policy is a great way to ensure that everybody you’re travelling with has adequate insurance for your trip.

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How To Be An Urban Explorer

Urban Explorer

For many years people have been exploring unique and exotic places all across the globe. But as more people reside in cities today than ever before, and our identities are shaped by our environment, more and more people are starting to look for adventure in their own backyards. This has opened the door to a different breed of travellers, people who, instead of venturing abroad in search of adventure, turn to their own city in search of different cultures and new landscapes. The particular charm of the city is its ability to re-invent itself. So it is no surprise that the urban landscape is fast turning into a playground of sorts. Let’s look at some of the exciting activities available to urban explorers.

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